Scion FR-S

Acceleration Speed

6.2 seconds - 0 to top speed

Top Speed

224 km/h


1.270 G

Speed Added by Nitro

23 km/h

The Scion FR-S is the sixth car in D Class and is the final car of the class that can still be purchased for 7,500 coins. It is the definitive car for the 1st and 2nd seasons and is able to beat any other car before it. With an upgrade or two, it can beat some of the later cars. It is a versatile vehicle that can be used for a variety of events.

Personally, i was surprised by how the Scion FR-S is so fast but is very table as well... It is a shame to give up on such an amazing car to buy the Audi R8 e-tron for example.

Recommended TechniquesEdit

It has great handaling so drift is optional, but recommended on very sharp turns like those found in Iceland. Nitro is a must, and perfect nitro is recommended.

In a beginner race, it would kick butts without nitro, and it is a great car, with or without upgrades. (But as always, upgrading is recommended)

Again, drifting would genrally be unecessary due to the great handling of this car.