Dodge Dart GT

Acceleration Speed

4.87 seconds - 0 to top speed

Top Speed

210 km/h


1.225 g

Speed Added by Nitro

17 km/h

The Dodge Dart GT is the first car of D class. Being the first car of the first class, it doesn't have great stats for anything. Everything about it is mediocre. It is a nice starting car for beginners but they would definitely need something better. The only way to make sharp turns on this is to slam the car into a drift. Nitro doesn't give it much help. Unupgraded, it would not defeat some of the later cars, such as the Tesla Model S or even Audi R8 e-Tron.

Recommended TechniquesEdit

The #1 rule of Dodge Dart GT is to DRIFT. Usually on Nitro, if the player does not drift, s/he will crash into the barrier and wreck themselves. Drift also gives the Dodge Dart the oh-so-needed nitro. It wouldn't increase your speed dramatically, but at least it would be better than just cruising. You should also be also upgrading this car.