Cadillac ATS

Acceleration Speed

6 seconds - 0 to top speed

Top Speed

214 km/h


1.200 G

Speed Added by Nitro

23 km/h

The Cadillac ATS is a good beginner car for the earlier racer. It is one step up from the Tesla Model S and offers better everything. It costs an extra 1,000, though, so you will toil away to do many races over again. In the end, it or its cousin, the Cadillac XTS are worth the money. They are a good substitute for some of the more expensive cars later on.

Recommended TechniquesEdit

It's the same thing as the earlier cars. Drift and upgrades are the two most valuable things to do with this cars. Though this car can handle sharper turns without drift if it must. But you should never turn while using Nitro.